How to Use the Amazon Best Seller Rank Usability Test

If you’ve been at Amazon for any length of time, you have probably seen the Amazon Best Seller Rank Usability Test. It’s a little game that lets you see how well you’re doing in the Amazon marketplace. The results are displayed as stars on your Amazon page, and the better your ranking, the more stars you get, and vice versa. It’s basically a way to find out where you stand, how far you’ve come, and if you need to improve your listing or not.

There are a few things to consider before taking the Usability Test. For one thing, it’s only meant to be a one-time use, so you won’t get it back, so if you get a really low rating you’ll want to try and get back on track quickly. You should also check your listings first to make sure they’re good and make sure that they’re either descriptive or that they contain all the information you need to capture the reader. You also don’t want to play an endless game like this where you get so frustrated that you abandon the idea entirely. Be realistic about what you can do to improve your listing, but don’t give up too quickly.

Take the Usability Test and see how it affects your listing. Don’t waste your time! Even if you think you haven’t improved your listing in any way, check out your previous reviews and see what sort of improvement there was. Check to see if you’re getting noticed in terms of listings, and see how many others have gotten better listings from you and found the same thing. See if there’s an element of urgency, and see if you’re receiving attention from customers. Once you’ve taken the Usability Test, you’ll be able to quickly see where you stand.